Wholesome and tasty food in one? No problem for our “Schönbrunn” salad! It's based on a colourful mixed salad, including radicchio and lettuce, grated carrots, fresh cucumber, juicy tomato and hard-boiled egg as well as thin slices of radish. All that is royally topped by a freshly grilled chicken breast, cut in succulent slices. An imperial salad indeed!








The classic among the Wienerwald Salads! That's why it bears our name. In the Chicken Salad "Wienerwald", the finest cuts of chicken are joined by crisp lettuce, juicy tomato and fresh cucumber. A light salad for calorie-counting gourmets who still wouldn't want to miss out on their chicken.






Styria is considered the green heart of Austria. And, if you like, this Fried Chicken salad, a Styrian specialty, is at the heart of our Wienerwald salads. It consists of a variety of crisp lettuce (according to season) plus a portion of our hearty Wienerwald potato salad. This is topped by four crispy slices of deep-fried chicken breast. Of course, this traditional salad is marinated with Styrian “Kernöl” (pumpkin seed oil). A flavoursome salad that's a full meal.


Our Greek farmer-style salad is a holiday memory! Crisp lettuce is mixed with colourful bell pepper, tomato, cucumber, mild onion and thin slices of aromatic olive. Full-flavoured feta cheese gives this salad its distinctive, typical character. Enjoy the vacation!



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