Our classic:


A traditional dish from Austria on the Wienerwald menu: the Baked Chicken „Viennese“. Half a roast chicken is divided into four pieces, coated with breadcrumbs and then deep-fried to perfection. A crispy and succulent treat for true chicken aficionados!


Our savoury chicken special! Succulent, boned cuts of roast chicken are served with tasty fried potatoes, crispy bacon and fried onions. Don't tell anyone, but the "Farmer's" Cicken is really a royal delight!


The whole range of our chicken specialties in one dish! ¼ Golden brown Roast Chicken, one tender chicken breast, our Kiks and Chicken Spare Ribs, plus crispy bacon and onion rings. All is served with crisp veggies, hash browns, and fries. A chicken aficionado's dream come true! The Wienerwald Chickenplatter caters for large appetites.




Enjoy your chicken Mediterranean style! Our Chicken Gyros combines a classic of the Greek cuisine with our succulent and extra tangy chicken. It is especially tasty with our garlic dip and comes with fries and our Wienerwald coleslaw.









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